in Our Near Future

Krakatoa II – set in 2033/34 — Surrounded by tradition, Vince in Calgary strives to keep climate crisis sanity. As his team’s geoengineering shifts north, Vince keeps motivated by similar thinkers, and his daughter twelve’s free spirit. In a transitioning world, with carbon tickets, politics, navies and planet, a peaceful survival valley gains appeal. In case mother Earth has plans not so fitting with the human species. Amazon — please post a reader review.


Pinatubo II — set in 2027 — Vince the Calgary chemical engineer meets his aeronautics counterpart Brad on an African geoengineering design contract. As their client launches sulfur into the stratosphere to cool the Sahara, unidentified drones appear targeting personnel. Amidst project complications, political negotiating turns engineering science into a quagmire of conflicting international interests. Amazon — please post a reader review.

Tambora II — Full speculation coming soon … here’s an excerpt entitled Downclimb

Bad Boy Canada

Our Near Future

Written by an author who has published academic papers, these novel length speculations are based on researched science, and dramatize characters and storylines into what may well play out in our real world. With our climate crisis howling for attention, and many global boundaries overshot, we need story heroes and underdog collaboration to bring us to an outcome we all want. What we truly desire is there, but not to be had easily.